Founded on Dec 12, 1999

Victory started as a vision given to Pastor Walter G. Tolbert Sr & 1st Lady Gladys O. Tolbert. 

After toiling with this vision, they decided to step out on faith and founded what has now become ~Victory Christian Ministry~. 

Victory was incorporated December 1, 1999, 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS.


On December 12, 1999, the birthing of Victory Christian Ministry, Inc. was celebrated at Amerihost Inn, 100 N. Park Court, Stockbridge, GA. At that service, approximately 20 persons were in attendance. Of those attending, five joined Pastor Tolbert to formally form Victory Christian Ministry, Inc. The first members to join Victory were Gladys Tolbert, Thomas McKennie, Jackie McKennie, Minnie Williams, Josephine Strong, and Wylonda Tolbert.


The first formal business meeting of Victory Christian Ministry was held on February 12, 2000. At that meeting, Jackie McKennie was appointed secretary. A second meeting was held on February 27, 2000 to officially elect a Board of Directors/ Trustees. Victory Christian Ministry officially became an Internal Revenue Service recognized, 501(c) 3, tax exempt organization on April 20, 2000.


On December 4, 2000, Victory Christian Ministry acquired 12.6 acres of land located at 839 Stagecoach Road, Stockbridge, GA. On this land was a 2-bedroom single wide mobile home. Victory Christian Ministry donated this mobile home to a family deserving a blessing.  Who really knew where this purchase was going to lead us.

This was the first year that Victory Christian Ministry held events such as its first summer picnic, Women's Day, Men's Day and these celebrations were just a precursor to bigger and better things to come.


Pastor Tolbert established Victory’s New Member Class. A class curriculum was designed and published and the first class began July 29, 2000. The class was designed to instruct members on the basic knowledge of scriptures, church structure, and church etiquette.  This class has been taught to each member of the church and is required to be taught to each person who joins the church.  This was followed by the establishment of an on-going Bible Study that has continued to bless both members and visitors alike. Through Bible Study an Intercessory Prayer Team has been established. A Praise Team was established and has grown in size and ability. Through the unrelenting prayers of the Intercessory Team, miracles have been seen in the lives of those that have given their lives to God.


Victory has touched the lives of the Henry County Community by going into these communities evangelizing and sharing the knowledge of God with whomever we have met. Favorable responses have been received from the willingness that Victory has shown to do God’s will. Victory has touched the community by having its first food drive where we were able to feed more than 50 families. Each family was given a box containing approximately 20 pounds of food which consisted of non-perishable vegetables as well as dry goods.


Victory had the opportunity to join in holy matrimony two couples, James and Joycelyn Grady and Rev. William and Jennifer Boddie. The marriage of the Boddie’s was especially enjoyable being that this was the first to be physically held at the Amerihost Inn, where we held our services and the first officiated by Pastor Tolbert. The marriage of the Grady’s was held on-board a Carnival Cruise ship with a host of family members and friends.


With the recognition that the growth of membership at Victory Christian Ministry was being negatively affected by not having a permanent home a decision was made to pursue building a sanctuary on the property that was purchased at 839 Stage Coach Rd. Even with a cast of volunteers who drew architectural plans, worked on acquiring loans and construction workers God led us in a different direction.   


God led Victory Christian Ministry to an available office building which was located at 390 Eagles Landing Parkway.  In giving respect to God and the place that had been given to us for worship, many late hours were put into making this a first-class sanctuary for the Lord.  Being led by God we were able to renovate this building and it became the temporary location of Victory Christian Ministry.  After several gallons of paint, putty, glue and many nails the sanctuary was completed.  As is normal when Christians are doing God’s work Satan stepped in to try to stop this progress.


The necessary steps to get approval from the Government of Henry County were completed leaving us to believe things would go smoothly.  Amazingly, Pastor Tolbert stated that things had gone too easily and to prepare for rough waters.  These words were not far out of his mouth before the storms struck.  Government requirements seemed to start changing by the minute.  Through prayer, fasting and intercession the congregation came together and stood on God’s word that He would supply all of our needs.  God showed His might and the battle was won.  The battle was won without the need to meet the changing requirements that had been imposed.  On February 23, 2006, the Henry County Zoning Board approved 390 Eagles Landing Parkway for “Conditional Use” as a church which was to be known as Victory Christian Ministry and an Occupancy Permit was issued on June 30, 2006.  This was the first formal so called “store front” church in Stockbridge GA.  On July 2, 2006 Victory, Christian Ministry held its first service at the location where God had placed us.  On August 9th 2006 the new sanctuary was dedicated to the Lord through a glorious service which was attended by many members and visitors.


Plans had been made to utilize the sanctuary to begin the building of the Lord’s kingdom by hosting events that would build everyone who enters these doors.  At this new location, we held our first Annual Youth Extravaganza in 2007.  We also held our first Finance Conference with representatives from Crown Finance and Washington Mutual Bank.


The members of Victory have vowed to continue teaching the word of God both within the walls of our sanctuary and throughout the community.  Members had been actively spreading the word of God by passing out flyers in the surrounding communities.  This has led to continued growth of the church.  Through these actions, we have met several residents who have had needs that we have tried to meet through the blessings given to the ministry and through collaborating with other non-profit organizations.  These types of collaborations have allowed Victory to expand its ability to service this community in the way in which God has directed in his words.


During early 2012 Pastor Tolbert was led to move to yet another location which was 245 Atlanta Rd., McDonough, GA.  Through God’s leadership, our sweat, and persistence we dedicated this building to God in December 2012.  This was made into a beautiful sanctuary and was used as God deemed.  This was not the last location that God would plant His ministry.  After years of work in this vineyard God raised us up and moved us to a location that we could call our own.


After months of seeking and praying God heard our prayer and worked in our favor once again.  God spoke in the ear of Sister Dale Hargrove to look for a building in the McDonough, GA area.  She and others began a relentless search in October of 2016, after she thought there were no buildings available, God introduced her to a Realtor named Elnora M. Linton, of the Durham Team, Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners.  Little did we know Mrs. Linton was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit of God and would work tirelessly to assist us in acquiring a new property. 


Mrs. Linton found a building that not only fit our needs but was ready for us to move in without having to go through the pains of renovation.  Applications had been made to many financial organizations who either advised us that they did not work with small ministries or gave us offers that would require enormous down payments and interest rates.  When we advised Mrs. Linton of our need for financing she introduced us to Dee Dee McIntyre, the Vice President, SBA Relationship Manager at Touchmark National Bank, who was also saved and filled with the Holy Spirit of God.  Through Mrs. McIntyre and Touchmark National Bank we were able to purchase the first building that we can call our own.


This shows us that when God moves there is no one who can stop Him.  This purchase was a true miracle because we were shown that God’s people were lined up just for us.  Victory Christian Ministry is now residing at 1320 S. Zack Hinton Parkway, McDonough, GA 30253.  We are not calling this our permanent home because we don’t know what God has in store for our future.  Whatever it is we will praise God and work diligently to use what has been given to us to build God’s kingdom.         


Victory Christian Ministry is continuing along its path of “Raising up a body of believers that will know how to use the Word of God to overcome the wiles of the devil to become victorious over all strongholds and situations in their lives”.  With continued prayer, and continually stepping forward we know that VICTORY will continue to be VICTORIOUS. 

Over the years, we at Victory Christian Ministry have chosen to trust in God and put our cares in his hands. By doing this, God has shown us that through him all things are possible if we only believe.  We will continue to baptize new members and equip our disciples. Join us in moving on up to “The Next Level” and read about us on our website (



~The Church Where everybody is somebody is Christ~